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Fact Check: The vessel in the image was actually built in 2019

By | 11th June, 2021

In June 2021, Sri Lankan Facebook users shared an image of a ship they claimed was built “a few days ago”. But the claim is misleading: the ship in the photograph was actually built and delivered to a Japanese company in 2019.…Read More »

FACT CHECK: Video shows Israel attacking Lebanon, Palestine

By | 27th May, 2021

The first part of the video is actually a recording of the video game ‘Arma 3,’ while another part depicts a failed rocket launch in Kodiak, Alaska. Both videos were on the internet before May 2021. At a glance Claim: A video, posted…Read More »

Fact Check: These Contact Details Of Dr Reddy’s Regarding 2DG Drug Procurement Are FAKE

By | 22nd May, 2021

A post has gone viral on social media advising people who are in need of 2DG drug to reach out to Dr Reddy’s Lab via these two emails: Dr Deepak Sapra (deepaksapra@drreddys.com) and Dr Mallikarjun Rao (mallikarjunard@drreddys.com). 2DG drug is an anti-covid…Read More »

Experts say sitting over a mixture of scented leaves and hot water is dangerous for women

By | 19th May, 2021

Multiple posts shared more than a thousand times on Facebook claim that women experiencing menstrual pain or fibroids should use a solution of hot water, salt and scented leaves, a method known as “vaginal steaming”. However, an expert told AFP Fact Check that…Read More »

Fact Check: Old Video From Saudi Arabia Shared As Destruction Caused By Cyclonic Storm Tauktae

By | 18th May, 2021

Mumbai witnessed heavy rains and gusty winds as cyclonic storm Tauktae intensified over the Arabian Sea. In this backdrop, a video of a concrete slab falling over some parked cars started doing rounds on social media with a claim that it was…Read More »

Fact Check: Why does an oximeter display ‘oxygen level’ of pens?

By | 16th May, 2021

In the midst of the deadly second wave of Covid-19, a video of an oximeter displaying the “oxygen level” of a sketch pen is making the rounds on social media. Amid the deadly second wave of Covid-19, pulse oximeters have become a…Read More »

MP Minister’s Claim False, ‘Yagna’ Can’t Prevent Third COVID-19 Wave

By | 15th May, 2021

Madhya Pradesh’s Minister of Tourism & Culture Usha Thakur, who has been making headlines for her controversial comments on COVID-19, said people should perform ‘yagna chikitsa’ (ceremonial fire ritual) to ward off the third wave. She mentioned that the ritual is necessary…Read More »

Fact-check: Did WHO Really Praise UP Govt For COVID Testing?

By | 15th May, 2021

After the World Health Organization released an article titled ‘Uttar Pradesh Going the Last mile to Stop COVID-19’ on May 7, 2021, several media outlets and the Uttar Pradesh government claimed that WHO praised the state government for its door-to-door COVID-19 surveillance…Read More »


By | 14th May, 2021

PIB’S BULLETIN ON COVID-19 Posted On: 14 MAY 2021 7:54PM by PIB Delhi India’s Cumulative Recoveries exceed 2 Crore Union Government to supply nearly 1 crore 92 lakh of COVID vaccines to States/UTs, Free of Cost, during the Fortnight of 16th-31st May…Read More »

Ministry of Science & Technology – Aqua Rejuvenation for Irrigation Unit – comprehensively treats Waste Water

By | 14th May, 2021

Ministry of Science & Technology -Aqua Rejuvenation for Irrigation Unit– comprehensively treats Waste Water — Prof. ( Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, DURGAPUR — Dr.Priyabrata Banerjee, Principal Scientist PURPOSE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY: It has been observed that most old Drainage systems are…Read More »

Fake News: two girls who have recently lost their parents can be adopted by calling a number. 

By | 4th May, 2021

A post is being shared with a claim that two girls who have recently lost their parents can be adopted by calling a number.  This claim is Fake. A process has to be followed to adopt a child. It is illegal to…Read More »

કચ્છના ભચાઉ-રાપરમાં કડાકા-ભડાકા અને કરા સાથે વરસાદ; ખેડુતો ચિંતીત,બે સ્થળે વિજળી પડી!

By | 1st May, 2021

રાજસ્થાન અને પાકિસ્તાન નજીક સર્જાયેલા સરક્યુલેશનની અસર ગુજરાતના વતાવરણમાં 3 દિવસ જોવા મળશે તેવી હવામાન વિભાગની આગાહી વચ્ચે આજે ભચાઉ અને રાપર શહેર અને ગ્રામ્ય વિસ્તારોમાં વિજળીના કડાકા-ભડાકા સાથે વરસાદ પડ્યો હતો તો કેટલાક વિસ્તારોમાં કરા પણ પડ્યા હતા. ભચાઉના ચોબારી,મનફરા,કણખોઇ,ખેંગારપર વિસ્તારમાં…Read More »

Fake News – 1000 Bed Army Hospital In Ahmedabad Near Airport

By | 27th April, 2021

Fake news of 1000 Bed Army Covid Hospital near Airport is being circulated on WhatsApp since few days. Actually Army has started 900 bed hospital in GMDC ground in Ahmedabad. The message which is in circulation is of Delhi Army Covid Hospital…Read More »


By | 23rd April, 2021

FOLK ARTISTS FROM WEST MIDNAPORE COME FORWARD TO SPREAD AWARENESS ON CORONA ALONG WITH IIT KHARAGPUR WITH SONG & ART *Srijata Saha Sahoo Several attempts have been made from the Government level, doctors, scientists to common people to raise awareness on Corona…Read More »

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur Develop Digital Infrastructure for Efficient Processing of Sanskrit Texts for Making the Language Accessible

By | 23rd April, 2021

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur Develop Digital Infrastructure for Efficient Processing of Sanskrit Texts for Making the Language Accessible  *Srijata Saha Sahoo The Astadhyayi (eight chapters) composed by Panini in the 6th – 5th century BCE is still considered as a rich commentatorial literature though…Read More »

This video shows a man paying tribute to his friend after he was allegedly shot dead — it is not related to Covid-19

By | 17th April, 2021

A video has been viewed thousands of times in multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube alongside a claim it shows a man throwing money to bystanders in New York’s Times Square after his friend died from coronavirus. The video, however, has…Read More »

Fact Check: No, Disaster Management Act does not restrict citizens to post updates on Covid-19

By | 14th April, 2021

No, there isn’t any restriction on citizens to share news or updates about the situation arsising out of coronavirus pandemic as long as it is based on facts. As per the Disaster Management Act, there is no provision that mentions the claims…Read More »

Ratan Tata didn’t write that viral message attributed to him, denies it on Twitter

By | 14th April, 2021

He also urged people to verify media on social platforms and WhatsApp before forwarding it. The Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus also said that if he has to say something, he will put it out on his official channels The viral message is…Read More »

Ahmedabad: Vadodara man held for ‘circulating’ fake lockdown circular on social media

By | 13th April, 2021

The fake circular had stated that number of Covid-19 patients have been rising in the state and the ongoing night curfew has not had any effect, therefore a complete lockdown has been announced for six cities-Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat, Bhavnagar and Jamnagar-…Read More »

Old message of blood donation drive revived as ‘plasma donation’ in the wake of COVID-19

By | 10th April, 2021

A list of 64 first names along with individual blood groups and contact numbers has gone viral on WhatsApp. As per the text, the people listed are “ready to make plasma donation” and “you may please add more in the list if…Read More »