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‘Vicky Donor’ actor Bhupesh Pandya dies of lung cancer, Bollywood mourns demise

By | 23rd September, 2020

Actor Bhupesh Pandya was an alumnus of National School of Drama (NSD). New Delhi: Bollywood actor Bhupesh Pandya, best known for his role in Ayushmann Khurrana’s debut film ‘Vicky Donor’ succumbed to lung cancer. Pandya was an alumnus of National School of…Read More »

Review | The Devil All the Time on Netflix: A glimpse into America that is not a shiny happy Hollywood

By | 23rd September, 2020

You feel a shiver of anticipation go down your spine when The Devil All the Time starts. Evil is fascinating. Because most of us are too chicken to even steal a bar of chocolate from the local store. We are so civilised,…Read More »

Paytm app back on Google Play Store hours after being removed for policy violations

By | 18th September, 2020

Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, Paytm said, “Update: And we’re back!” Hours after being pulled off by Google from its Play Store for allegedly violating its policy repeatedly, the digital payments major Paytm App on Friday was back on the Play Store.…Read More »

Why online onboarding is both a blessing and a pain for recruits and employers

By | 17th September, 2020

Companies are taking the virtual route to help new employees complete joining formalities and hit the ground running. While this has largely made the process more efficient, there are challenges such as internet connectivity issues, power failures and the lack of a…Read More »

Heath Awareness News and Updates – વર્ષા ની વિદાય અને શરદનુ આગમન એટલે ભાદરવો.

By | 4th September, 2020

વર્ષા ની વિદાય અને શરદનુ આગમન એટલે ભાદરવો. દિવસે ધોમ ધખે અને મોડી રાત્રે આછુ ઓઢીને સુવુ પડે એવો ઠાર પડે. આયુર્વેદાચાર્યો કહી ગયા છે કે વર્ષામા પિત્તનો સંગ્રહ થાય અને શરદમા તે પિત્ત પ્રકોપે. આ પ્રકોપવુ એટલે તાવ. ભાદરવાના તાપ અને…Read More »