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Paytm app back on Google Play Store hours after being removed for policy violations

By | 18th September, 2020

Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, Paytm said, “Update: And we’re back!” Hours after being pulled off by Google from its Play Store for allegedly violating its policy repeatedly, the digital payments major Paytm App on Friday was back on the Play Store.…Read More »

J-K: 4 terrorists killed in encounter with security forces in Shopian’s Killora

By | 28th August, 2020

The Jammu and Kashmir Police on Friday confirmed that four unidentified terrorists have been killed in an ongoing encounter with security forces in the Killora area of Shopian district in South Kashmir. In a tweet, the Kashmir Zone Police said, “Shopian EncounterUpdate:…Read More »

Game Changer News: બિનખેડૂત પણ ખેતીની જમીન ખરીદી શકે: સરકારનો મહત્વનો નિર્ણય

By | 20th August, 2020

ગુજરાત રાજ્યના મુખ્યમંત્રી વિજયભાઈ રૂપાણીએ મહેસુલી ક્રાંતિના મંડાણ કર્યા છે. ગઈકાલે રાજ્યની મંત્રીમંડળની બેઠકમાં બિનખેડૂત વ્યકિત કૃષિ, પશુપાલન, મેડિકલ તેમજ શૈક્ષણિક હેતુ માટે ખેતીની જમીન ખરીદી શકશે. અત્યાર સધી ગુજરાતના મહેસુલી કાયદાની જોગવાઈ મુજબ ખેડૂત ખાતેદાર જ ખેતીની જમીન ખરીદી શકતો હતો…Read More »

My father is still alive, clarifies Pranab Mukherjee’s son as death rumours surface

By | 13th August, 2020

After rumours of former President Pranab Mukherjee’s death surfaced, his son Abhijit Mukherjee clarified that his father is still alive. Taking to Twitter, Abhijit said the former president is haemodynamically stable. He also expressed disappointment over speculations of his father’s death. After…Read More »

Mumbai: Boat capsizes off Gorai coast, 11 saved, 2 missing

By | 4th August, 2020

Two fishermen are missing while 11 were rescued after a boat capsized some 12 kilometres off Gorai beach in north Mumbai on Tuesday afternoon, police said. The boat, Lucky Stat, with 13 fishermen on board, got caught in heavy rains and capsized,…Read More »

PIA sacks 63 employees for fake degrees, embezzlement

By | 4th August, 2020

All five of the sacked pilots were holding fake licences, said PIA spokesperson Abdullah Khan, adding that all the employees were dismissed in accordance to the law. Twenty-eight employees were removed for fake education credentials and 27 employees were sacked for being…Read More »

“Stealing and Mining of App Data can lead even to unanticipated National Security Risks”

By | 29th July, 2020

Ministry of Electronics & IT “Stealing and Mining of App Data can lead even to unanticipated National Security Risks” The Government of India, on 29th June, 2020, made an important announcement. The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology banned 59 mobile apps, based on…Read More »

Kin of ASHA & anganwadi workers dying during COVID19 duty to get pension in Odisha

By | 17th July, 2020

In a major announcement, Odisha government on Friday announced monthly pensions for the kin of the ASHA and anganwadi workers dying during COVID19 duty. According to a directive issued by the Special Relief Commissioner (SRC), the family members of the ASHA and…Read More »

Kanpur encounter: Uttar Pradesh govt forms SIT to probe case

By | 11th July, 2020

Vikas Dubey. The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) will conduct the investigation in the Vikas Dubey encounter case. The SIT team will be headed by Additional Chief Secretary Sanjay Bhoosreddy, news agency ANI reported. Twitter/ANI Vikas…Read More »

Kerala doctor gets coughed on while on duty, KK Shailaja condemns incident

By | 11th July, 2020

“Right from the time when Covid cases got reported in Wuhan, Kerala got into the track of the WHO and followed every standard operating protocols and international norms and hence, we have been able to keep the contact spread rate to below…Read More »

Massive fire breaks out at Japanese Firm in GIDC factory in Gujarat’s Sanand, 27 fire tenders at spot

By | 24th June, 2020

A massive fire has broken out at a factory in the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) in Sanand area of Ahmedabad. 27 fire tenders have rushed to the spot as the massive blaze raged over the buildings. Amassive fire has broken out…Read More »

Most mall owners agree to retailers’ rental terms…

By | 18th June, 2020

The move by mall owners came after DLF Shopping Malls took the first step to waive the minimum guaranteed rent for the lockdown period till June 15, while sharing new rent and revenue sharing slabs meant to expedite the opening of eateries.…Read More »

Delhi govt allows 37 liquor shops to reopen in shopping malls

By | 17th June, 2020

The AAP government had on June 8 permitted liquor shops in malls to reopen and directed them to start their operation once they submitted their monthly stock records. NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has allowed 37 liquor shops located in shopping malls to reopen and asked…Read More »

Bus operators seek tax waiver for 6-12 months

By | 14th June, 2020

The Bus and Car Operators Confederation of India (BOCI), representing private passenger transport operators and having a collective fleet of more than 15 lakh buses and 11 lakh cars, has sought government intervention to save the business from collapsing. “Having suffered a financial…Read More »

Payment of Wages amid COVID-19: “No industry can survive without workers”, Supreme Court asks employers, employees to negotiate

By | 12th June, 2020

The Supreme Court today asked employers and employees to negotiate and settle between themselves issues relating to payment of wages amid the COVID-19 lockdown. In the meanwhile, the Court’s earlier order directing that no coercive action be taken against employers with respect…Read More »

કરોડો વાહનચાલકોને રાહત : લાયસન્સ, વાહનોના રજીસ્ટ્રેશન અને ફીટનેસ સર્ટિફીકેટ માટે કેન્દ્ર સરકારનો મહત્વનો નિર્ણય

By | 10th June, 2020

કેન્દ્ર સરકારે દેશના કરોડો વાહન ચાલકોને વધુ એક વખત રાહત આપી છે. સરકારે લાયસન્સ, વાહનોના રજીસ્ટ્રેશન અને ફીટનેસ સર્ટિફિકેટની મુદ્દત 30 સપ્ટેમ્બર સુધી વધારી દીધી છે. લોકડાઉન દરમ્યાન આ દસ્તાવેજો રીન્યુ ન થઈ શક્યા હોવાથી કેન્દ્રીય માર્ગ વાહનવ્યવહાર અને હાઈવે મંત્રાલય દ્વારા…Read More »

શાહે કહ્યું- રાજ્યમાં પરિવર્તન લાવવા માટે પાંચ વર્ષમાં 100થી વધુ કાર્યકર્તાઓએ પ્રાણની આહુતિ આપી છે, તેમનું બલિદાન એળે નહિ જાય

By | 9th June, 2020

શાહે કહ્યું કે- ભલે ભાજપને દેશભરમાંથી 300થી વધારે સીટો મળી પણ અમારા જેવા કાર્યકર્તાઓ માટે બંગાળની 18 બેઠકો વિશેષ મહત્વની નવી દિલ્હી. કેન્દ્રીય ગૃહ મંત્રી અમિત શાહે મંગળવારે પશ્વિમ બંગાળમાં વર્ચુઅલ (ઓનલાઈન) રેલી કરી છે. તેમણે કહ્યું કે, 2014થી રાજ્યમાં પરિવર્તન માટે…Read More »

Police try to stop George Floyd rally in Sydney due to coronavirus fears

By | 5th June, 2020

Police challenged whether a Black Lives Matter protest planned for Saturday in Australia’s largest city is too much of a coronavirus risk, as demonstrators in the capital reminded the country that racial inequality is not a US issue alone. In Canberra, organisers…Read More »

Maharashtra: Two dead bodies found in drainage in Mira Bhayandar

By | 5th June, 2020

The Mumbai Police on Thursday night recovered two dead bodies from the Mira Bhayandar area. The bodies were found in the drainage system of a resto-bar which is located in Sheetal Nagar. Upon receiving a call about the incident at around 11…Read More »

શું તમે પણ કોરોનાનનો ટેસ્ટ કરાવવા માંગો છો ? રાજ્ય સરકારે જાહેર કર્યા આ નિયમો

By | 2nd June, 2020

આજે કોવિડ-19ના ટેસ્ટ કરવા સંદર્ભે રાજ્ય સરકારે એક પરિપત્ર બહાર પાડ્યો છે. પરિપત્રમાં નોંધવામાં આવ્યું છે કે કોઈ પણ દર્દીનો રિપોર્ટ કર્યા પછી જો પોઝિટીવ આવે તો જે તે તબીબ અને લેબોરેટરીએ આરોગ્યના અધિકારીને જાણ કરવાની રહેશે. સરકાર માન્ય એપ્લિકેશન પર વિગત…Read More »