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Ashok Gehlot insulted 6-cr Gujaratis: BJP

By | 18th August, 2020

Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani on Monday reacted sharply to his Rajasthan counterpart’s statement that Gujarat has the maximum consumption of liquor. Rupani said that Gehlot by his statement had insulted the 6 crore Gujaratis in the state. “Gehlot should apologise as…Read More »

Ahmedabad: 14 medical students from BJ College fall prey to dengue

By | 18th August, 2020

Fourteen students of BJ Medical college are under treatment after being detected with dengue. Sources in the know said that in the last one month around 30 to 40 students have been diagnosed with the diseases. On Monday, the blood report of…Read More »

Ahmedabad: Jewellers pray for Midas touch to lift festive season

By | 20th June, 2020

Local jewellers are desperately hoping that the festive season revives business and sales pick up However, a section of the industry believes that the government need to take corrective steps urgently to ensure revival. Jewellers say that while Dussehra revived footfall in…Read More »

Ahmedabad: Live-in couple found dead, police suspect suicide

By | 31st May, 2020

A couple in a live-in relation in the Odhav area of the city allegedly committed suicide. Their body was recovered in a decomposed state on Monday late night, police said. Sources close to the case said the couple had been renting an…Read More »

પ્રસિદ્ધ જ્યોતિષી બેજન દારૂવાલાનું 90 વર્ષની વયે અમદાવાદમાં નિધન

By | 30th May, 2020

સંજય ગાંધીનું પ્લેન ક્રેશમાં મૃત્યુ થશે એવું ભવિષ્ય તેમણે ભાખેલું ફેફસાંમાં ઈન્ફેકશનના કારણે હોસ્પિટલમાં દાખલ કરાયા હતા, પરંતુ કોરોના વાઈરસથી સંક્રમિત થયા હતા ગણેશજી અને હનુમાનજીના ભક્ત અને કોરોના અંગે વિવિધ આગાહી કરનારા પ્રસિદ્ધ જ્યોતિષાચાર્ય બેજન દારૂવાલાનું આજે સાંજે 5-13 મિનિટે અમદાવાદની…Read More »

Missing girl Vrushti Kothari writes email to mother, says ‘she is happy’

By | 28th May, 2020

More than a week after she was first reported missing, Vrushti Kothari has apparently sent a letter through an mail to her mother informing her that she is safe. Police are yet to confirm if the mail from which the email is…Read More »

Ahmedabad: Man cheated of Rs 60,000 in pizza refund fraud

By | 26th May, 2020

A man ended up losing over Rs 60,000 after he complained about the poor quality of pizza delivered to him through a food delivery app and was offered a refund for the same. According to a complaint filed with the Vastrapur police…Read More »

Ahmedabad: Booze bottles prompt BJ Medical College to lock terrace doors

By | 25th May, 2020

A day after several empty alcohol bottles were found on the terrace of the PG hostel of BJ Medical College in the city, the college authorities have ordered that all the doors leading to the terrace be locked now onwards. Earlier the…Read More »

Gujarat: Doctors plan study to reduce high infant mortality rate in tribal areas

By | 25th May, 2020

In a bid to remove the lacunas that attribute to the considerably high infant mortality rate (IMR) in tribal districts of the state, community medicine departments of four medical colleges in Gujarat have planned a study to ascertain the home-based newborn care…Read More »