By | 27th May, 2021
FactCheck News Video shows Israel attacking Lebanon, Palestine

The first part of the video is actually a recording of the video game ‘Arma 3,’ while another part depicts a failed rocket launch in Kodiak, Alaska. Both videos were on the internet before May 2021.

At a glance

  • Claim: A video, posted on Facebook on May 15, shows guns shooting at a plane and a rocket launch. These clips depict Israel attacking Lebanon and Palestine.
  • Rating: FALSE
  • The facts: The video of the guns shooting at a plane is from the video game Arma 3 that has been on the internet since October 2020, before tensions rose between Israel and Palestine in May 2021. The video of the rocket launch was uploaded on YouTube in September 2020 and took place in Kodiak, Alaska.
  • Why we fact-checked this: This was flagged by Facebook’s fact-checking tool; 27 users have reported it as potentially misleading. The video has around 607,000 views, 1,600 comments, and 16,000 shares, as of writing.

Complete details

A video showing guns firing at a plane and a rocket being launched supposedly depicts the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Facebook user Rajesh Raju Gowda uploaded the video on May 16 with the caption, “Israel vs Lebanese | Israel attack Palestine.”

Violence erupted between Israel and Palestine on May 10, following what Palestinians considered deliberate provocations by Israel during the final days of the holy month of Ramadan. An Egyptian-mediated truce between Israel and Hamas began on May 21.

Meanwhile, the Iranian-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah is a staunch opponent of Israel, which it fought a war against in 2006.

Since the video was uploaded on Facebook, it has accumulated around 607,000 views, 1,600 comments, and 16,000 shares.

The post was flagged by Facebook’s fact-checking tool as potentially misleading. According to the tool, the video is circulating in the Philippines and India, and it has been reported by 27 Facebook users.

The claim is false.

The videos had existed even before tensions rose between Israel and Palestine in May 2021.

A reverse image search of a still from the video returns images in a tweet on October 29, 2020, by researcher and digital investigator Benjamin Strick. His tweet discusses how recordings of video games circulate on social media in the coverage of global conflicts. He also identified the game as the military tactical video game Arma 3

Another reverse image search with the search term “Arma 3” brings up a video titled “ArmA 3 – A-10 Warthog vs Anti-Air Tank – Missiles and Tracers firing – GAU-8 Avenger – Simulation.” The YouTube channel “Compared Comparison” uploaded the same video as the one on Facebook on January 2, and said in the video description, “This Video is an (sic) created Simulation in ArmA3!”

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