By | 23rd May, 2020
This daughter from Bihar is on social media! Trump's daughter Ivanka praises, Video

Putting the injured father on a bicycle, the daughter covered a distance of 1200 km and reached Darbhanga in Bihar from Gurugram.

The story of Bihar’s daughter Jyoti’s struggle reached America

Jyoti Kumari, who took her father on a bicycle from Gurugram to Darbhanga in Bihar amid a nationwide lockdown caused by the corona virus, has taken to social media. This daughter of Bihar is also being discussed abroad.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump, has also tweeted about Jyoti Kumari and praised Indians for their tolerance. Ivanka tweeted that 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari took her injured father to her village on a bicycle after covering a distance of 1200 km in 7 days.

Ivanka further writes that this epic of endurance and love has attracted the attention of the Indian people and the Cycling Federation of India (CFI). Jyoti’s father was driving a rickshaw in Gurugram and after his accident she came to Gurugram with her mother and brother-in-law and then stayed there for her father’s care. Meanwhile, a nationwide lockdown was announced in the wake of the Koro epidemic and Jyoti’s father’s business came to a standstill. In it, Jyoti decided to return to her village on a bicycle with her father.

In the lockdown, 15-year-old Jyoti rode her father Mohan Paswan on a bicycle and covered a distance of 1,200 km in 7 days from Gurugram to Darbhanga in Bihar. For this, Jyoti cycled 100 to 150 km every day.