By | 23rd May, 2020
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Corona positive to 8 policemen on duty in the controlroom

Since the beginning of the lockdown, police personnel across the state have been on duty day and night without worrying about their lives or their families. However, the transition of Corona to police personnel has also created an atmosphere of concern.

According to media reports, the report of 8 personnel in the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner’s Office has come positive. These 8 personnel were on duty in the control room. At the same time, 8 policemen came positive and an atmosphere of panic has been created.

According to the information received, the 8 policemen who came positive were on duty in the same shift. With which the system has become aware. Is now identifying people who have come in contact with them through the system.

As many as five policemen at Ramol police station tested positive for corona

It may be mentioned that five policemen also tested positive for corona at Ramol police station yesterday. So far, six police personnel have been discharged from the hospital. While 56 police personnel who tested positive for corona are currently undergoing treatment. In which 3 police personnel and 18 personnel are associated with other forces.

Korona’s positive police personnel have been allotted Shelby Hospital in Naroda so that they do not have any difficulty in getting treatment. Where all police personnel will be treated.

It may be mentioned that 9724 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Ahmedabad out of which 645 people have died. 3658 patients have recovered. There are 13268 cases in Gujarat out of which 802 have died while 5880 people have recovered.