By | 18th August, 2020

Fourteen students of BJ Medical college are under treatment after being detected with dengue.

Sources in the know said that in the last one month around 30 to 40 students have been diagnosed with the diseases. On Monday, the blood report of six more students came positive and they are under treatment.

Students said that the collection of garbage and water particularly near the living quarters and lack of cleanliness in and around the living quarters of the students has led to mosquito breeding.

Dr Jayesh Sachde, in-charge dean of BJ Medical College said that around 14 students of the college are under treatment for dengue. “They have not been admitted but they are suffering from dengue,” said Dr Sachde.

Sources said that a lot of construction is happening in the Civil Hospital campus which also houses the BJ Medical college.

“Water logging is common at construction sites and the campus has a lot of it going on. Neither the authorities nor the contractors are concerned about water logging and the resultant breeding of mosquitoes,” said a source in the know.

Dr Sachde, however, said that routine fogging activity was being carried out in the campus and all efforts were being done to ensure there were no mosquito breeding sites.

Those in the know said that water leakages in the building was common and overflowing gutters nearby added to the problem.

Questions were also being raised about the collection of garbage and the unsanitary conditions. But the doctor said that it is not right to criticise the administration for the garbage alone.

“The government has provided them with excellent living facilities. It is not too much to ask that the students keep their surroundings clean. Routine cleaning will be done but if you continue to litter it will lead to unsanitary conditions. Students should also owe up their part in creating an unclean campus,” said the doctor.

In the mean time, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) said that October month has seen 142 cases of dengue so far. Last year the city had seen 1234 cases till October.

Doctor Speak

  • Only those cases of dengue reflect where the patients have been admitted to a hospital due to the disease. The actual cases could be much higher because the civic body’s record does not take into consideration people who are being treated for the vector borne disease as outpatients

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