By | 31st May, 2020

As Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Reddy completes its first year in office, the YSR Congress Party government launched its ambitious 10,641 Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBK) — digital kiosks for farmers to know real-time market price and to place orders. RBKs will also be selling products tested, packed, and graded by the government.

CM Jagan Reddy launched Rythu Bharosa Kendras at an event held at the Tadepalli CM camp office.

Along with the RBKs, the Andhra Pradesh government also launched the Comprehensive Monitoring of Agricultural Prices and Procurement (CMAPP), a tool developed to monitor the agricultural activity at the farm level.

CMAPP will give the authorities the scope to attend to distress calls by intervening at the village level itself while a market intelligence report will be filed by Village Agricultural Assistant (VAA) every day.

This report will consist of daily updates pertaining to every single aspect of agriculture in a particular village.

If the report suggests that the village is in distress, the officers at the district and state level who will be monitoring these reports using the tool will direct the VAA to intervene or suggest alternative solutions to the problem.

“This mechanism will ensure a much faster and localised intervention by the government, thereby resulting in the authorities being able to solve most if not all problems faced by the farmers,” the government said.

“The Pasu Vignana Badi acts as an encyclopedia for Animal Husbandry related aspects. Right from the Do’s and Don’ts to best practices will be taught to farmers via the Pasu Vignana Badi which will help framers to use Preventive Health Care for livestock. It will also distribute seeds, fertilizers among farmers as per seasonal requirements.

The chief minister said the state government will further increase the number of services available at the Rythu Bharosa Kendra.

The YSRCP-led Andhra Pradesh government on Thursday said it has fulfilled 90 per cent of its poll promises within one year of its rule and spent about Rs 40,139 crore for various welfare schemes, benefitting 3.57 crore people and creating over 30,000 jobs in the state.